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Pedja Djaković’s most recent monograph, “Love and Eros” was published in Prague in English. It represents a sudden detour from his past work, delving into irresistible force of erotic passion and inseparable deep need of a human being to love and be loved in return. Find the whole exclusive edition with all paintings / drawings following the link above.


Pedja, the Ephemeris of a Drawing

“Pedja, the Ephemeris of a Drawing”, published in Belgrade in Serbian, brings a selected choice of artist’s most famous works and less known drawings. It is not only a showcase for his less known expertise in ink and coal drawing, but a collection of essays elaborating on various influences that have formed him as an artist. Djaković reflects on all forms of art that he absorbed in his creative process, from comics to Leonardo da Vinci and Giotto, through classical music and jazz, poetry and literature, to historical studies.

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“Pedja”, published in Prague in Serbian and English, offers an overview of artist’s life and opus. It includes the cycles Tragedy as Destiny, dedicated to the tragical events from the history of Serbs, followed by Prague Haggadah inspired by the city landscapes and the culture of its Jewish community, as well as the Jazz Section and Love as the Way of Life. Pedja’s work is also represented through reviews written by renowned art critiques and newspaper clips with articles dedicated to his carrier and various exhibitions.

For a selection of paintings from “Pedja” click on WORKS.
Find the whole edition in Serbian HERE.
English edition available on request.


Book Covers

In addition to three artist monographs, Pedja Djaković has been active in publishing industry as a book cover designer. His works include, among others, Serbian edition of the Chronicle of Dalimil, the first chronicle written in the Old Czech language composed in verses in the 14th century, and the trilogy of poetry by Zeljko M. Aleksić.



Djaković designed both the book cover and illustrations for “Pčelojavljanje”, the anthology of poetry inspired by the world of the bees since ancient civilizations to this day, written by Prof. Miodrag Radović and published in 2017 in Serbia.

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