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love & eros

The subjects of Pedja Djaković's works have ranged from political themes and war disasters through the world of jazz music to his passionate love cycles, always exuding the same intensity and emotional impact. This prolific and multitalented artist has recently produced a completely new and unexpected series of erotic drawings collected in this monograph together with the cycle of paintings dedicated to love. The book also includes a chapter elaborating on the curtains painted with the technique of his own invention, carrying the message of triumph of love in the Greek mythology.

Pedja’s multicultural background and education have brought him to appreciate ancient masters and modern currents in equal measure. His academic years resulted in influences ranging from classical Greco-Roman art to Giotto, Michelangelo, Tintoretto and El Greco, to name just a few. He was raised in a family that cultivated interests in art, music, history, religion and politics. He became fascinated with ancient myths at an early age, while at the same time developing a passion for comic books that has not abandoned him to this day.

In his impetus to create something new and completely different from his earlier works, Pedja felt this cycle had to be joyful and full of life. He wanted it to generate excitement and bring love and hope to those who observe it. In his quest for inspiration that knows no time boundaries or cultural impositions, he composed this unique pastiche of ancient Greek mythology and contemporary Italian art world. The myths have always offered possibilities for myriad of metamorphosis and interpretations, and Pedja couldn’t wait to add his personal touch where love prevails over proverbial drama and tragedy. Following his own footsteps from the past, Pedja gladly returned to his youthful fantasies nurtured by the masterpieces of cinematography by Felini and Pasolini, as well as comic books by Hugo Pratt and Milo Manara, the undisputable master of erotic art.

The result is this page-turning collector’s item rich with story-telling chapters and individual works that all carry on the red thread of love and eros. It is filled with both Pedja’s signature elongated figures in passionate yet sophisticated searching for their soul mates, and raw flesh-grabbing intense protagonists sharing their intimate moments with their voyeuristic audience that we came to be.

Special attention was paid to packaging and presentation of this luxury edition printed on high quality paper with first rate photographs. It comes in a custom-made cardboard box with two limited edition prints unique to each monograph. This spectacular treasure box also includes a pair of white gloves to use for handling of the pristine sheets with prints individually water-colored and signed by the artist.

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